Thursday, July 2, 2009

梅酒 update with some other random pics

Here's what the plum wine looks like after a month of rest in the closet:

You can see that all the rock sugar has dissolved. The plums have lost their vibrant green and look more pickled. They're starting to wrinkle a bit also. For a comparison, just scroll down or look here.


As long as I got the camera loaded, let's empty it out and see what's there. Hmmm...not much to choose from.

Here's a shot of the police box sign that I see a lot around here but never in Niigata:

I don't know why but the style of the drawing looks French to me. Can someone draw a Japanese-style toilet in the bottom left coner, please?

Next to my city is Takatsuki-shi (高槻市), home of factories and distribution centers. Meiji Seika, makers of the Meiji chocolate bar and カール, has a factory in Takatsuki with a huge mural on the side of one of its buildings:

Oh, and the last box from the US to be opened was the one containing Yuki's Gilbert & George print:


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  1. Ugh, Gilbert & George. Gross