Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dog Days

We're in the middle of a run of unbearably humid and hot days in Osaka. Daily temperatures in Ibaraki are about 95ºF with the air nearly saturated with moisture. It's so bad, I'm writing sentences like a possessed weatherman.

We were thinking that we could be strong, that we could just grit our teeth and survive the next two months without an air conditioner. But we were wrong. We're weak. Yes, we're wusses. Yuki ordered a savior for us last night and it should get installed by Saturday. We need it. The computer needs it. It gets overheated way too quickly.

Guess who is having just an awful time?

Every day, she spends all her time in a never-ending quest to find a comfy spot -- some cool shady place to nap. When I open the front door to get some air circulating, she tries to take advantage:

Look, a chubby long-haired calico just wasn't built for a Kansai summer. Don't despair, Ponzie. Help is on the way!

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