Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Wrong with This Picture?

For me, this is the most tangible evidence that things are not normal these days. The high school yard is deserted on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. What I miss more is the noise the kids make. It's my constant background noise. And now it's gone. Have you ever watched a movie with the sound turned completely off? It feels off. That's what Ibaraki-shi feels like now -- off.

Here's Yuki and I getting ready to go grocery shopping yesterday:

I look like a medical professional, don't I? Outside, mask-wearers outnumber gamblers over 3-to-1.

You know who needs a mask? The cat. She doesn't seem to be sweating it too much, though:


  1. Yeah, I used a mask as well when I went to Osaka today. It was strange that I didn't see so many students on the train.
    And have you heard the news that a lot of students went to KARAOKE instead of going to school? Because they were bored... Maybe you could hear the noise there.

  2. You both have really nice eyes. Anyone ever tell you you have nice eyes?



  3. by the way, don't worry too much about the miss piggy flu. Turns out, it's just the flu. Flu that's been overhyped by the media, of course. I'm starting to believe the media conspired to overhype this flu just so they can crack that horrible joke that everyone's been getting in email: "They said pigs would fly before a black president was elected. 100 days into Obama's presidency: swine flu." Cringe