Friday, March 27, 2009

Good News & Bad News About the Cat

Good News -- The big cat stand arrived yesterday. It got Ponzu's seal of approval pretty quickly. Now she has something to scratch, something to climb, and something to help her see the traffic below. The new cat stand is an upgrade on the one we had in SF -- currently being enjoyed by Buster:

Bad News -- The damn cat stand takes up a big chunk of the kitchen. There's a never-ending battle being waged for space in our apartment.

Good News -- The cat likes living in the Ibaraki apartment. She kinda digs the tatami, although we're always keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't scratch it up. The apartment may be old but the tatami is new. Plus she really likes Japanese cat food. She was a semi-fan of the turkey&gravy or salmon&rice cat food she sometimes got in the States. But lemme tell you, she can't say no (actually, she can't say anything except...meow) to katsuo (かつお) aka bonito or maguro (マグロ) aka tuna.

Bad News -- Um, she's starting to gain weight. And that train may not be stopping anytime soon. It's a pretty hefty job just trying to hold the cat in my arms. If I were to drop her on your foot, you'd definitely feel it. But help is on the way. We get our second and final delivery from SF on Sunday and I packed the remainder of her diet cat food in one of those boxes.

Good News -- We're all done with the moving. She doesn't have to worry about another flight or long stay inside her pet carrier.

Bad News -- It's gonna be checkup time soon. Nobody likes the vet.
Plus, she's got the Osaka summer heat to contend with in a couple of months. Maybe she'll get shaved. At least that's what Yuki's promising.

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  1. Haha, a shaved cat. So funny!
    My cat has been gaining weight too, even though I feed her less than I did before. I think she's been eating the bugs in our apartment. My roomie says there is a lot of nutrious things in bugs...
    Glad you won't have to move again any time soon. Enjoy :)